Breakfast buffet at Hotel Belmont

What a start into the day

You don't want to miss out on the culinary advantages of a 4-star hotel during your 4-star stay in your own apartment? No problem! For the perfect start to the day, you can book a gourmet breakfast from the buffet in the Hotel Belmont, just 3 minutes away.

Breakfast at Hotel Belmont

The perfect start to your day in the mountains

A rich buffet with oven-fresh bread rolls, delicious jams, spreads, yogurt, a large selection of mueslis awaits you. If you prefer it spicy in the morning, then look forward to a large selection of local sausage, bacon and cheese specialties and hearty egg dishes.


  • Adults: € 18,- per person and day
  • Children up to 11 years: € 12,- per child and day


  • written pre-booking required
  • bookable on a day-to-day basis
  • takes place at Hotel Belmont, about 3 min walk from Hotel Albarella